Lower Saxony Sparkassen Foundation

Support of regional culture coming up to expectations beyond the region – this was the intention of savings banks and the federal state bank NORD/LB of Lower Saxony when Lower Saxony Sparkassen Foundation was established in 1985. Subject of the foundation is the Association of Savings Banks of Lower Saxony.

Lower Saxony Sparkassen Foundation supports cultural issues in all parts of Lower Saxony and contributes in this way to cultural diversity and liveliness. The work of the foundation concentrates on the fields art, music, museums and preservation of historical monuments. By focussing the activities an essential impact is felt when reinforcing major initiatives in urban and rural areas.

Lower Saxony Sparkassen Foundation with total assets of about 24 million euro is one of the largest cultural foundations in northern Germany. More than 80 million euro have been disbursed for cultural issues in the regions of Lower Saxony since 1985.

The foundation takes different approaches in supporting culture:

  • Support of projects of third parties
  • Realization of own activities
  • Awarding of prizes and scholarships
  • Building up of an own art collection

Support is always given in cooperation with local savings banks of Lower Saxony which express in this way their regional cultural commitment.

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