Tacita Dean awarded Kurt Schwitters Prize 2009 by the Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation

Pressemitteilung vom 3. Dezember 2008

The Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation is awarding the Kurt Schwitters Prize for the seventh time. The international jury is giving the prize of 25,000 Euros to the British artist Tacita Dean (born 1965 in Canterbury), who deals with the relationship between past and present in her work across a wide range of media.
Extract of the reasons given by the jury:
“The films, drawings and other works by Tacita Dean are extremely original. Her recent film portraits express something that neither painting nor photography can capture. They are purely film. And while Dean can appreciate the past, her art avoids any kind of academic approach. Dean‘s art is carried by a sense of history, time and place, light quality and the essence of the film itself. The focus of her subtle but ambitious work is the truth of the moment, the film as a medium and the sensibilities of the individual.”
The award of the Kurt Schwitters Prize and the opening of the exhibition of works by Tacita Dean will take place in the autumn of 2009 at the Sprengel Museum in Hannover.
The jury awarding the Kurt Schwitters Prize 2009:
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krempel, Director of the Sprengel Museum in Hannover (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Beatrice von Bismarck, Prorector of the College of Graphic Arts and Illustration in Leipzig, Hendrick Driessen, Director of the De Pont museum voor hedendaagse kunst (Tilburg, Netherlands), Dr. Fabrice Hergott, Director of the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris,Adrian Searle, Art Critic of The Guardian, London and Prof. Thomas Wagner, Art Critic (Frankfurt am Main)
The remit of the Kurt Schwitters Prize is to “Consider artists, whose work is characterised by its reference to Kurt Schwitters, forging ahead into new areas of artistic form design, or whose work contributes to the connection and integration of artistic genres”.
The award of the Kurt Schwitters Prize is a fundamental element of the promotion of culture by the Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation, which is involved not only in the visual arts, but also in music, museums and the preservation of historical monuments.